Centre County PAWS volunteer training a positive experience

I was originally planning on getting a dog after I graduated from college, but I ultimately decided that the extra costs and time associated with a dog aren’t something I’m ready for yet.

So when I saw that Centre County PAWS was looking for volunteers to help with their dogs, I thought it would be a great way to fulfill my own wish for a furry friend while doing something positive for the community.

So yesterday I attended a dog volunteer training session at PAWS. The session began as a team of enthusiastic members of PAWS talked to the prospective volunteers – more than a dozen of us, most of whom, like me, wanted an opportunity to spend more time with man’s best friend.

I met Rudy, a 3-year-old pit bull terrier, during dog volunteer training at Centre County PAWS Wednesday night

We then split into groups and took a tour of the facility. My group’s first stop was in a meet-and-greet room, where a pit bull named Rudy was waiting for us. I was a little taken aback by how big and energetic he was, but that feeling only lasted a moment, because I quickly realized that Rudy was a big sweetheart; alternately coming up to all of us and letting us pet him, and then lying down on the floor, back legs splayed like a frog. He made it easy to see why people would want to volunteer their time to help these needy animals.

My tour guide, Kathy, also showed us the kitchen and the kennel, and she and the other group leaders gave us some instructions about some of PAWS’ procedures. They also told us that if we chose to go ahead with being a volunteer, we would receive a mentor who would give us more intensive, hands-on training.

Kathy, from Centre County PAWS, embraces Rudy during dog volunteer training Wednesday night.

After seeing the organization, meeting a few of its members and encountering a few of their animals, I definitely want to start volunteering at Centre County PAWS on a regular basis.

The group leaders said PAWS is hurting for volunteers right now, so if you love animals and have a little free time you’d be willing to spend helping a good cause, I highly recommend you consider volunteering at Centre County PAWS. The next dog volunteer training sessions are June 12 and 22, and PAWS is also looking for volunteers on the cat side and volunteers to help with other tasks. For more information, visit their website.


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One Response to Centre County PAWS volunteer training a positive experience

  1. Karina says:

    Good article! I definitely want to find the time to volunteer. I’ve wanted a dog of my own for years, but much like you, i can’t afford one right now. Thanks for writing this!

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