Help the Centre County Youth Service Bureau raise “$50,000 in 50 Days”

The Centre County Youth Service Bureau (YSB) traditionally does three things to meets its annual monetary goals: a holiday campaign, fundraising events and one-on-one work with private donors.

But this year, the organization found itself in need of additional funding. To help ensure it can continue to meet the needs of the community, and in anticipation of the end of the fiscal year on June 30, the YSB created the $50,000 in 50 Days fundraising campaign.

The Campbell family attended the Youth Service Bureau's dedication of the memorial to Judge R. Paul Campbell, who founded both the Centre County Youth Service Bureau and the Centre County Community Foundation.

The Youth Service Bureau, (which we profiled recently) ensures that children, youth and families will have opportunities to realize and fulfill their potential for growth and development through their participation in a continuum of community-based, family-based, and residential programs.

One of the many community members who appreciates the positive effect those services have on the community is longtime YSB supporter, Bob Hufnagel. Hufnagel got involved with the $50,000 in 50 Days campaign by agreeing to match gifts up to $20,000!

The YSB kicked off the fundraising campaign last Friday at their dedication ceremony for a memorial to founder Judge R. Paul Campbell (who founded the Community Foundation as well). At the event, theYSB also dedicated its Donor Recognition Wall. Youth Service Bureau CEO Andrea Boyles says the organization is very thankful to its donors, who make their work possible.

The Youth Service Bureau dedicated this Donor Recognition Wall last Friday

“We at YSB are so proud of the work we do with kids and families, proud of the success our kids and families experience, and incredibly grateful to our donors who allow us to do the work we love to do,” Boyles said.

And with Bob Hufnagel matching your donation dollar for dollar, you can be sure that your gift will go a long way toward allowing the YSB to do the work they love to do — providing essential services to Centre County families and children.

To donate, or for more information, check out the Centre County Youth Service Bureau’s website.


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