“Come as you Aren’t” at State Theatre Masquerade Party

Think you’re too old to get dressed up in a costume and enjoy a night of revelry this October?

Think again!

On Saturday, Oct. 22, the State Theatre will hold a Masquerade Party at the Autoport, 1405 South Atherton Street, in State College. The party will include dancing, of course, as well as tapas, a dessert bar, and more. As the State Theatre’s website says, “How could a performing arts organization not do something that is filled with theatrical fun?”

Aside from allowing you to take part in a fun and exciting evening, your $125-per-person ticket purchase will support the State Theatre and help it to put on all of the wonderful programs that it brings to our community.

Since it opened its doors nearly five years ago, the State Theatre has played host to more than 150,000 guests in its Friedman Auditorium. Recently, by reaching out to many more local performing arts groups and giving them a place to display their talents, the theater has made great efforts to ensure that it’s living up to its mission of being a vibrant community theater.

Click here to page through the event’s invitation, RSVP card, and details about a raffle, and click here to register online. The State Theatre asks that people respond by Oct. 10, so now’s the time to make your reservation and start planning your costume!

Questions can be directed to Susan Shedd via telephone at (814) 272-0606 ext. 304 or by emailing Susan@TheStateTheatre.org.

Sadly, I will be out of town that weekend, but those of you who will be around should definitely jump on this opportunity. It sounds like a lot of fun!


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