Water Scarcity will be theme of local United Nation group’s event

A lack of access to clean, safe water is one of the world’s most pressing problems. That’s why the United Nations named 2005 to 2015 its “International Decade for Water.”

This chart shows to what extent different parts of the world are at risk for water shortages.

In keeping with that theme, the Centre County United Nations Association (UNA) and its Council of Organizations will use their United Nations Day Dinner to celebrate the UN’s accomplishments in promoting sustainable water use, and to educate people about the issues and conflicts that arise because of water scarcity.

Dr. Richard Schuhmann will give a presentation entitled "Are Water Wars Inevitable? at Centre County UNA's United Nations Day Dinner.

Dr. Richard Schuhmann, a member of the Penn State Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty who has been active as an environmental engineer in local and international water resource projects for almost two decades, will give a presentation at the dinner entitled “Are Water Wars Inevitable?”

The event will also give attendees the opportunity to learn what local organizations are doing to address water concerns locally and internationally, to welcome guests from more than 25 countries, and to learn more about Centre County UNA and its Council of Organizations.

The United Nations Day Dinner will be from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 23 at the Ramada Inn, 1450 S. Atherton St., in State College. Tickets cost $30, and registration is due THIS WEEK. Please send your check to Norma Keller, at 178 Beastons Road, Tyrone, PA 16686 as soon as possible, and click here to find a registration form that you can either submit online or print out and send in with your check. UNA staff can be reached at 814-863-0185.


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