“Post Silence” exhibit encourages people to voice their opinions

What would you say about the recent events involving Penn State if you had to contain your response to a 4″ by 6″ anonymous postcard?

The Zoller Gallery in the Visual Arts Building, on the University Park campus, is currently hosting an exhibit entitled “Post Silence.” Penn State says “the project is designed to provide a safe public space for the entire community to express how they feel about the recent events concerning child abuse by creating postcards for display at the exhibition. All submissions will be included in the exhibition and will remain anonymous.”

Here are the rules: On a blank postcard or 4-inch by 6-inch index card, participants can use any materials to create a visual response to recent events. Postcards can be returned to the “Post Silence” drop-off box in Room 210 of the Patterson Building; the Graduate Student office in Room 107 of the Arts Cottage; or the Zoller Gallery. There also will be a postcard-making station at the gallery during the exhibition, which opened this week and will continue through Dec. 12.

We made our own Post Silence card representing the Community Foundation.

It looks like a really inspiring, thought-provoking exhibit. I’ll be checking it out soon, and I suggest you do as well. And maybe even create a postcard of your own.


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