Good news for American nonprofits

It’s been a day of good news for the American nonprofit community. First, the Charity Aid Foundation released its second annual study of how generous people from 153 countries are. The study says that the U.S. increased its charitable giving by 3 percentage points this year, up to $212 billion, taking America from from the #5 spot last year to #1 this year. (Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kindgdom round out the top five most giving countries. Click here to see a slideshow of the whole top ten.) The study didn’t just measure monetary donations though; it also found that Americans were volunteering more and more likely to help strangers.

That information would seem to be confirmed by today’s other good piece of news: The Chronicle of Philanthropy surveyed 152 nonprofits and 54 percent said that they raised more money in November and the first part of December than they had at this point last year. And one out of five of the organizations surveyed said contributions are outpacing last year’s donations by 20 percent or more.

And it’s a good thing, because many groups are saying that, as a result of economic instability, more and more people are asking for assistance. So keep that in mind as you consider donating to charity during this holiday season.


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