How, why and where Americans give

Your Cause, a site that provides individuals, nonprofits and corporations with online giving tools, recently created a nifty infographic that shows recent trends pertaining to how, why and where people donate their money and time to charitable organizations.

The infographic shows that people are most likely to give when they feel inspired by a particular cause, or when a friend or family member asks them to participate; that individuals are most likely to volunteer for religious or educational organizations, and that checkout counter donations are the most popular form of giving. It also lists the five most popular U.S. organizations that individuals give money to.

Check out the infographic below and let us know what you think of the stats!


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One Response to How, why and where Americans give

  1. Not a lot of suprises here. These trends have been remarkably sticky over the course of decades and generations. What I always find fascinating are the motives behind charitable giving and volunteering. While, naturally, personal passion the #1 factor, about 50% of charitable activity is driven by what our friends and relatives are passionate about. It’s why I advise nonprofits that with social networking only the tools have changed, the need for the strategy has not.

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