Shaver’s Creek ups its recycling efforts

Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center, a part of Penn State Outreach, has strived to help people and communities learn to live in harmony with the natural environment for more than 35 years.

And now, in an effort to do more to practice what they preach, Shaver’s Creek is working toward becoming a zero-waste facility. They’re almost there, with 85 or more percent of their waste currently being recycled or composted, rather than being sent to a landfill.

To let the public see what the the Center is doing, and to encourage them to recycle more, a pair of “zero-waste Zambonis” have been placed in the public areas of Shaver’s Creek. And according to Shaver’s Creek Director Mark McLaughlin, it wouldn’t be so difficult for regular people to follow the Center’s lead.

“Our facility’s scale and size is not too different from a homeowner’s scale and size,” McLaughlin told Penn State Live. “I think we can be a really good role model of what can be done.”

You can read more about Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center’s efforts to reduce waste at Penn State Live.


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