Support local children & educators through DonorsChoose!

Erin Rowley is the Program Assistant at the Centre County Community Foundation.

Last week, at the Knight Foundation’s Media Learning Seminar, I received a unique gift from Knight: A DonorsChoose card. DonorsChoose is a website that connects teachers across the nation who have ideas for interesting projects with donors to support those projects.

There was just one project listed for Centre County, so it wasn’t much of a contest: Ram Stars–Encouraging Positive Behavior, a project created by Mrs. Albright, of Penns Valley Area Elementary and Intermediate School, won my $100 gift. The money will be used to buy fun and useful rewards – such as pencils and erasers –  to give to kids who demonstrate good behavior.

I had never used DonorsChoose before, but I will definitely consider doing so again in the future. It’s an invaluable resource, especially considering how strapped many school districts are for funds right now. Using DonorsChoose is a great way for teachers to make their needs known, and for donors to connect with educators and children in our community who could benefit from their help.

The project that I helped to fund still needs $135 to make its goal. Consider going to Donors Choose and donating to this project. Or if you’re a teacher with a bright idea for a project that would enhance your students’ learning experience, sign up with DonorsChoose! You never know when someone might come along and give you a helping hand, but they can’t do that if you don’t ask!


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