How America (and Centre County) gives:

The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently did an analysis of charitable giving across the United States, giving us a look at what people from different states and counties across the nation contribute to nonprofits.

The study is based on exact dollar amounts released by the Internal Revenue Service showing the value of charitable deductions claimed by American taxpayers. Findings are based on 2008 records, the most recent that were available.

According to the map, Centre County residents claimed $47.9-million in charitable donations in 2008, putting Centre County 456th out of 3115 counties in terms of total donated. Our county’s residents donate, on average, about 4% of their discretionary income.

Pennsylvania is ranked 7th among the states in terms of total amount given with $4.7 billion given total, and 40th for percentage of income donated – 3.9%.

The study also points out some interesting facts, like that the highest contributing zip code in the U.S. is in Manhattan; one in eight charitable dollars contributed by Americans comes from California; New Hampshire averaged 2.5% of discretionary income – the lowest of the 50 states; and there are some communities in our country that give as much as 10% of their income!

The interactive map the Chronicle created makes it fun and easy to check out the results, and the Chronicle’s website also has more in depth info about the findings, and info about how they went about doing the research. Check it out!


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