Philipsburg Downtown Merchants aim to improve community

Downtown Philipsburg plays host to a diverse assortment of businesses. Many of those businesses’ owners have banded together to get the word out about everything that the downtown area offers. The newly formed Philipsburg Downtown Merchants are hoping their efforts will improve the area’s economy, in turn improving the quality of life for the town’s residents.

Brian Hoopsick, of Professional Satellite Repair, told the Philipsburg journal “I think it’s great what we’re trying to do…It’s important for businesses to work together to improve business and traffic downtown. If we’re all out on our own little islands, we couldn’t realize the benefits we’ll get working together. I’m looking forward to this.”

The group has begun to advertise itself in print and on the radio. It is also using a Facebook page to highlight local businesses such as Grattan’s Pharmacy, Thieves Market & the Country Peddlers, Front Street Jewelers and many more. The group is planning to host sidewalk sales and other events in the future.

Becky Yurky, of Curves, told the Philipsburg Journal that “working together always brings better results than working alone…I feel this effort will raise some eyebrows in the community. I hope it does.”


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