State College Mayor Elizabeth Goreham: ‘We need young people to stay in the area’

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the importance of attracting young professionals to our community and retaining them, and we’re happy to have an ally in State College Mayor Elizabeth Goreham! In an article in today’s Daily Collegian, the mayor talks about the importance of keeping more of the talented students who go to Penn State in our community after they graduate.

“We need young people to stay in the area after graduation, who know the town and have new ideas, to work hard and eventually replace us one day,” Goreham said.

The article highlights the Planning and Community Development Department of State College’s First-Time Home Buyer program, which it hopes will entice more students to stay. The First-Time Home Buyer program assists residents with mortgage and closing costs on a house.

Economist and author Rebecca Ryan mediates discussion during the Centre Foundation Soul of Centre County workshop in October. Attendees talked about how to make our community more attractive to young professionals.

The article also cites State College Borough Council member Peter Morris, who says that Penn State and the borough are looking to find new ways to attract employers for whom recent college graduates will want to work, such as start-up companies and research programs.

We wholeheartedly support these goals. At our Soul of Centre County Workshop, in October, economist and author Rebecca Ryan led a discussion among community leaders, young professionals and college students about how to make our community more attractive to young professionals. A lot of good ideas resulted from this discussion, and we are looking forward to continue working with the community to keep more innovative, energetic young professionals in our midst!


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