Centre County businesses strive to keep young talent here

How do we keep more of the intelligent, talented young people who pass through Penn State here in our community after they graduate?

That’s a question we’ve been working to find the answer to. And it’s also the subject of a recent Town & Gown article.

Writer Aimee Morgan talked to representatives of different businesses in our area that offer young college graduates a reason to stay in town, including Minitab, Accuweather and New Leaf Initiative.

As the article states, living in Centre County post-graduation can provide Penn State students with a nice way to transition into a career while still enjoying the college-town atmosphere.

Providing students with enriching local internships and educating them about/making them feel welcome in the community while they’re still undergrads could encourage more graduates to stay. How do YOU think we can make our community more attractive to young talent? Let us know!


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